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Membership FAQ's
Playing memberships deferred to 2025

Do I have to know how to ride?

Nope, we can teach you how to ride while learning the sport. Generally non-riders are playing within a 5-10 lessons, depending on their ability. A basic knowledge of and comfort around horses is expected. While we will teach you how to play polo, all riders are expected to practice consideration and safety around horses, and have an open mind and willingness to learn!

Do I have to have my own horse to play polo?

While we would certainly recommend that serious polo players have their own polo ponie(s), Ligonier Polo Association has several polo ponies that are available to lease for the season or by the day. The pony you will ride will change, as no player rides the same pony in every practice or chukkar. The instructor will assign you a polo pony to ride on the day of practices, chukkars, and matches, and will be based upon the level of the rider and health and level of the available polo pony. No guarantees will be made regarding which polo pony you ride. All players must be willing and able to ride the polo pony assigned to them.

What do I wear and bring to practice?

A sturdy pair of shoes or boots with a heel and a riding helmet are required.  White jeans and half chaps are recommended if you are wearing non-tall boots. White jeans are required to play in tournaments. Also a pair of thin gloves (baseball or golf gloves) is recommended. Gladiator Polo sells polo kits if you're interested in getting fully outfitted to play polo in tournaments. Visit Gladiator website.

Do I need to join the United States Polo Association (USPA)?

The Ligonier Polo Association is a member of the USPA. As such, members of our club have the ability to, but are not required to, join the USPA as an individual member. To receive a handicap, the USPA must receive a recommendation from the LPA. Additionally, membership in USPA gives you access to significant discounts on polo gear and other shopping, as well as an Excess Liability and Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Accident Insurance Policy. Learn more about joining USPA.

Is polo dangerous?

It would be fraudulent to tell you no. Like any other horse sport there is some inherent danger involved. We have taken every possible measure to ensure your safety. You will be provided with safe horses, reliable equipment and be supervised by our team of professionals. That said, you will not be allowed to participate with out signing a release form.

What about the weather?

All scheduled activities will be held unless it is raining at the time of the event. All lessons/games are subject to cancellation for unsafe weather conditions.

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