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juan on horseback with his mallet focusing on the ball ahead

Juan G. Villamil (+4)

Head Instructor- Professional Polo Player

Juan has been a Polo Player, Trainer and Manager for twenty-one years. Born and raised in Argentina, as a young boy, Juan was introduced to Polo through his family members and started to ride at the age of four. He grew up within a family heritage that had valued the sport of Polo for over one hundred years.

During his childhood, Juan trained with Guillermo Villanueva, a Seven Goal Player, who gave him a wonderful start in Polo. From there, his love of the game grew, and he started traveling for the high goal Polo Team, La Lechuza Caracas.


In this organization, Juan managed players, horses, farms, veterinary calls, farrier consultations, the grooms and all aspects of management that was required as the team traveled to four different countries throughout the years. In this period, he also was engaged in the process of farm construction, which included the creating and maintaining polo fields. Juan worked with Alejandro Battro, a world-renowned agriculture engineer field specialist, obtaining key knowledge about field construction, grass specialty care and full maintenance. Juan was also involved with the construction of new polo and jumping facilities. Additionally, Juan has a satisfactory knowledge of Dressage and Grand Prix Arena construction, along with Exercise Tracks.

Currently, in the United States, Juan holds a four goal player rating with US Polo Association. We are honored to have Juan leading our training at Ligonier Polo Association.

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