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We believe that all children, regardless of circumstance, should be able to learn to play the wonderful sport of polo.

Thanks to the generosity of our members, sponsors, and supporters, all youth (17 & under) have discounted access to professional instruction, practice chukkars, and safe, well-trained polo ponies.


Membership Includes:
  • Professional staff & trainers.

  • Theory workshops.

  • Private lessons, depending on skill level, to be discussed with the Manager

  • Well-trained and calm horses. 

  • Hands-on: Learn how to take care of your mount

  • Mallets

  • Tack

  • Balls

  • Other equipment needed to play

PHOTO-2022-10-09-17-10-31 8.jpg
  • Outdoor field

  • Round pen 

Youth Lessons ​Schedule 
Tuesdays & Thursdays*

Group polo lessons to be held at Sugar Hill Farm


4pm-New student/leadline




Students will be assigned a group based on the recommendation of our coach, Juan Villamil.  

*Weather dependent

Get Started!


Become a Member

Sign a Liability Waiver


Download WhatsApp

(to Mobile Device)

Group chat app that allows LPA management to quickly communicate updates & changes that may affect your child. 

Allows you to coordinate/ connect with other parents of LPA youth.

It's also the best way to connect with your trainer. 

More Information:

Requirements & Expectations

Apparel Required

ASTM approved riding helmet and safety glasses must be worn anytime your child is riding a horse. Paddock boots with half chaps or tall riding boots and long pants (jeans are fine) must also be worn for every lesson. White pants/jeans are required to play in youth chukkars. Baseball/ softball gloves are also recommended but not required.


Parent/Guardian Expectations

We require that a parent or responsible party is present during lessons. Please bring ample water for your child and any snacks or refreshments you'd like. Please arrive on time for your child's lesson. 



24 hours or more - No Charge

Under 24 hours - 50% Charge

Under 12 hours - 100% Charge


Throughout the season there will be times that lessons and chukkars may need to be rescheduled and we ask that you are mindful of these changes. Downloading and checking the WhatsApp group chat will be very helpful. The LPA will do everything that they can to give adequate notice. 



We do encourage parents to volunteer. Some ways that we need help are working at a tournament, working at the field, or helping clean tack.


Thank you for your interest in having your kids join the LPA and we look forward to an exciting season. 


For more information, questions, or concerns, please email

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