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Our History

Since the 1940’s the Ligonier Valley has had a long tradition of polo and the Ligonier Polo Association’s goal is to continue and grow that tradition with a polo club and school for regular club chukkars, inter-regional league tournaments, and exhibition benefit games. 

Our Values

We believe that all children, regardless of circumstance, should be able to learn to play the wonderful sport of polo. Thanks to the generosity of our members, sponsors, and supporters, all youth the age of 17 and under have free access to professional instruction, practice chukkars, and safe, well-trained polo ponies.

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Our Vision & Mission

To enhance the rich equestrian culture of the Ligonier Valley by actively promoting the sport of polo.


Through youth instruction, competition, and spectator events, the Ligonier Polo Association will enhance the region’s equestrian offerings by placing a strong emphasis on attracting new players and a long-term and sustainable polo community.

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